We are here to make beauty easy for you

Leading Beauty Distributor since 1997

Extended Warranty
GBG offers an extended warranty to that provided by manufacturer. Our clients can benefit from warranties of 4 to 10 years.

Global Company
GBG is based in a variety of countries, which allows us to reach clients avoiding customs taxes, given that we operate in different customs regions.

Always ahead of our competitors
GBG always offers the latest models launched by manufacturer, 6 months ahead of even the leading sellers.

Only the latest
In GBG you will find only the latest models, different from other sellers that can provide a wide array of older models.

We are specialists
In GBG we sell only beauty devices, since 1997. We are specialists in beauty machinery.

Clear descriptions
We at GBD take pride in providing very precise and thorough descriptions of all our products, unlike other sellers that often sell products with identical images but different characteristics. As specialists in beauty devices, we are aware of differences that often other sellers may not be aware of, given that they are not specialists in these type of machines. Sometimes one small mention not mentioned makes a world of difference to the user!

Specialists, not Sales People
All queries we receive (whether via email, via phone, or online chat) are responded by specialists in beauty devices, and not simple sales people looking to make a sale. They can answer technical questions and queries related to all models of beauty devices. No other seller provides this specialized service.